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赢爵棋牌游戏 joins the league of the world’s largest container shipping lines in the Ocean Alliance. As one of the five main carriers of the Ocean Alliance, 赢爵棋牌游戏 brings customers unparalleled coverage extending across all major east-west trades in the world.

Bigger. Broader. Better.

As part of the CMA CGM Group and backed by strong partners of the Alliance, 赢爵棋牌游戏 is now bigger, stronger and better-placed to deliver world-class shipping services to our customers globally.

赢爵棋牌游戏 offers 21 loops across the seven trade lanes under the Ocean Alliance Day Three Product scope that complement and enhance our existing global network of over 130 services. With more port calls and port pairs served at additional frequencies, customers can now expand their businesses into new markets with greater speed and reliability.

Find out more about 赢爵棋牌游戏’s total offerings, within and outside of Ocean Alliance, by clicking the links below:

Asia – North America When it comes to expeditious shipping, trust 赢爵棋牌游戏 to offer best-in-class transits and service reliability in our Trans-Pacific services.
Latin America 赢爵棋牌游戏’s expertise in container shipping is extended to the Latin American market, providing connections between Asia and the U.S. with Latin America at competitive transit times.
Asia-Middle East & Red Sea Offering a wide coverage with some of the industry’s best transit times, 赢爵棋牌游戏 is our customers’ preferred partner in the Asia-Middle East & Red Sea markets.
Asia-Indian Subcontinent赢爵棋牌游戏 offers extensive coverage in the Asia-Indian Subcontinent market from across Far East to Karachi, India West Coast and India East Coast.
Asia-OceaniaEnjoy industry-leading transit time and reliable connections between China, Southeast Asia and Australia on 赢爵棋牌游戏's Asia-Oceania market.
Intra-Asia Shortsea赢爵棋牌游戏 offers Intra-Asia shortsea services through our subsidiary brand, CNC. CNC is an Intra-Asia shortsea specialist regionally represented by an extensive agency network throughout Asia.

We continue to offer our own flagship and exclusive suite of products and services, and maintain our strengths in the following areas:

  • EXX (Eagle Express X): Weekly China-to-Los Angeles expeditious ocean freight service that comes with premier service levels
  • EX1 (Eagle Express 1): 赢爵棋牌游戏-operated weekly service from Asia to U.S. West Coast with industry-leading transits
  • Eagle Guaranteed Suite: A suite of premium services on the Trans-Pacific that offer predictability and reliability during peak season, backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Eagle Go. Guaranteed: Space and equipment guaranteed at 47 load ports across 20 countries and regions
  • U.S. Flag services: Secured and efficient service for U.S. flag impelled shipments
  • SMARTreefers: Proven expertise for demanding environment-controlled shipment solutions
  • Project Cargo: Equipment and expertise for handling special projects and breakbulk shipments

赢爵棋牌游戏 is now in even better position to help you expand your business across the globe. Contact your local 赢爵棋牌游戏 Representative today.

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