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Beyond ocean shipping, you can now rely on 赢爵棋牌游戏 to transport your shipment – all the way from inland origins to destinations, in the most efficient way.

赢爵棋牌游戏’s intermodal service is a one-stop solution combining various modes of transport to move your shipment door-to-door. Utilizing our vast network and land-side infrastructure, 赢爵棋牌游戏’s expert teams can help you plan your shipment journey to ensure time and cost efficiencies, while reducing your carbon footprint.

The 赢爵棋牌游戏 Advantage

  • One-stop solution for your water and land transport needs
  • Extensive modalities including trains, trucks and barges
  • Ready equipment availability for timely deliveries
  • Environmentally friendly as large numbers of containers are moved together via the most efficient modes of transport

Whether it is water or land, 赢爵棋牌游戏 has you covered.

Contact your 赢爵棋牌游戏 sales representative to book your shipment today.


Africa赢爵棋牌游戏 intermodal services in Africa
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Indian Subcontinent

India Subcontinent赢爵棋牌游戏 intermodal services in the Indian subcontinent
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Middle East

Middle East赢爵棋牌游戏 intermodal services in the Middle East
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North America

NAM赢爵棋牌游戏 intermodal services in North America
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赢爵棋牌游戏’s LinerTrain

LinerTrain image赢爵棋牌游戏’s LinerTrain is one of the market-leading multimodal products for door-to-door freight shipments that combines the best of ocean and rail transport modes to ensure timely cargo delivery from Asia to North America.

The service provides some of the industry’s fastest and most dependable transits to inland destinations across North America.

  • Dedicated trains from on-dock rail at Fenix terminal, extending your reach to major inland destinations directly, including Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, El Paso, Kansas City and Memphis.
  • Steady volume density at Fenix terminal and on-time 赢爵棋牌游戏 vessel arrivals ensure regular and reliable departures each week.