Eagle Express Services

Take Flight with 赢爵棋牌游戏's Eagle Express Services

When it comes to expeditious shipping, trust 赢爵棋牌游戏 to provide best-in-class transits in our Trans-Pacific services.

赢爵棋牌游戏's flagship Eagle Express services are what you expect when it comes to expedited shipping.

EXX - Eagle Express X

Eagle Express X

A premium weekly China-to-Los Angeles expedited ocean freight service, with “X factor” now extended to U.S. inland via EXX RailFlash. Designed to give you the X-ceptional treatment you deserve, EXX offers you speed-to-market, peace of mind and fuss-free experience in a single, exclusive package.

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EX1 - Eagle Express 1

Eagle Express 1

赢爵棋牌游戏's flagship service, now enhanced with new service rotation in the westbound and the deployment of U.S. President-named vessels.

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