Management Team

Meet the 赢爵棋牌游戏 Executive Leadership Team:

Stéphane Courquin - Chief Executive Officer

Stéphane CourquinStéphane Courquin is Chief Executive Officer of 赢爵棋牌游戏, overseeing its global container shipping business. Prior to his current appointment, Mr Courquin was Senior Vice President, Head of Middle East Gulf Regional Office at CMA CGM.
Mr Courquin joined the Group in 2010 and has held various key leadership roles. He first served as Vice President for Africa, Indian Ocean and Oceania Lines. Two years later, he assumed the role of Vice President for Asia and Mediterranean Lines before heading the Asia-North Europe and Mediterranean Lines as Vice President from 2017 to 2018. With over 20 years of shipping experience, Mr Courquin started his career as Line Manager at Delmas Shipping before becoming Managing Director at Delmas Shipping South Africa. He graduated from the cole Nationale de la Marine Marchande with a C1NM qualification.

Ed Aldridge - President, 赢爵棋牌游戏 North America

Ed Alridge Ed Aldridge is the President of 赢爵棋牌游戏 North America, responsible for 赢爵棋牌游戏’s business activities in the United States and Canada. Prior to his current role, Mr Aldridge has been serving as Chief Operating Officer of 赢爵棋牌游戏 USA since October 2016. Before joining 赢爵棋牌游戏, Mr Aldridge was the President of US Lines since 2003. Mr Aldridge started his career with SeaLand Service and held senior executive roles leading North America, Europe, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. As Vice President of Central Asia, Mr Aldridge was responsible for SeaLand’s terminals, logistics, trucking, warehousing/distribution and commercial activities throughout Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the People’s Republic of China. Prior to 2003, Mr Aldridge served as President of 赢爵棋牌游戏’s America Region and was then appointed 赢爵棋牌游戏’s Chief Operating Officer in Singapore

Arnaud Coudray - Chief Commercial Officer

Arnaud CoudrayArnaud Coudray is Chief Commercial Officer of 赢爵棋牌游戏. Previously, he served as 赢爵棋牌游戏’s Deputy Chief Trade Officer. Before joining 赢爵棋牌游戏, Mr Coudray was Deputy Vice President - Asia Regional Office of CMA CGM, overseeing the Asia-North America and Asia-Latin America trades. He also managed several Caribbean and Transpacific lines of the Group for 5 years at the CMA CGM headquarter; and oversaw the Middle East Region development as Commercial Director and Regional Director in Dubai. Arnaud joined CMA CGM in 2006. Prior to this, he served in Sales/Business Development roles in IT and engineering related companies, based in Paris and Asia (Taiwan). Arnaud holds a degree in Business Administration, with a major in Supply Chain (1996) and a Master in Engineering and Technology Management (1997).

Mathieu Girardin - Chief Trade Officer

Mathieu GirardinMathieu Girardin is Chief Trade Officer at 赢爵棋牌游戏. He oversees 赢爵棋牌游戏’s global trades, network planning, yield management and empty equipment flow. Before his current appointment, Mr Girardin was Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at CMA CGM; and 赢爵棋牌游戏 Deputy Chief Trade Officer between 2016 and 2018. Mr Girardin joined the CMA CGM Group in 2013 and has since acquired an extensive track record in line, trade, operations, cargo flow and ship management. Prior to joining CMA CGM, he was holding senior positions with RISE Conseil and Accenture. He has more than a decade of corporate experience working for multi-national companies internationally. Mr Girardin graduated from ESCP Europe (Masters in Management) in 2005 and INSEAD (Executive MBA) in 2018.

Abhishek Chawla – Chief Operations Officer

Abhishek Chawla Mr Abhishek Chawla is Chief Operations Officer of 赢爵棋牌游戏. He is responsible for driving synergies and operational excellence for the company’s global marine operations. He oversees 赢爵棋牌游戏’s operational processes, cost controls and vessel operations. Mr Chawla joined 赢爵棋牌游戏 in September 2014 as Manager, Fleet Personnel Training and Crewing. He subsequently headed Fleet Control of Global Marine Operations in 2016; followed by Fleet Operations in 2018; and Line Operations in 2019. Prior to joining 赢爵棋牌游戏, Mr. Chawla was with Maersk for 11 years and sailed onboard their fleet under various management ranks. Mr Chawla graduated from Amet University Chennai in 2004 with a Diploma in Nautical Science. He further pursued his nautical studies with Singapore Polytechnic and received his Master Mariner COC 1 certification from the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore in 2014.